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Allergy Information

Recipes and more A collection of recipes that are multi-allergy friendly. Plus much more, the list only shows a sample!

Lovin the Allergy Person The challenges and joy’s of loving an allergy person.

Going Organic at The Allergy Blues Offering organic choices to meet your needs.

  • Organic Body Powder
  • Facial Toner
  • Organic Lipstick
  • Lip Balm – Organic
  • Bath Salts
  • Body Lotion
  • Books
  • Plus much more!


Adults with Allergies?
Oh wow, an adult with allergies! Seriously, an adult getting diagnosed past their childhood years does happen! Me for one, cause I am well into my adult years when I got the diagnoses. There were several thoughts running through my head when I got the “D” word, what the freak do I eat now, I can’t give up french fries, come on that is one of favorite foods, plus some more, Oh CRAP thoughts! What do I do with the food that I have at home? Where can I eat out at? Okay, who is going to want a person that can’t eat at certain places, with my allergies, most every place? What kinda person is going to put up with the restrictions in all aspects of life, including the bedroom! NO, NO, NO, I don’t want this disease because I know for myself, I knew allergies existed before, but I never met or heard of anyone saying that they had been diagnosed with allergies. Oh crap, does that mean they are going to look at me sideways now cause they haven’t heard of it either?

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Newly Diagnosed?

Newly diagnosed with allergies (or looking for a special someone ) and you have no idea of which way to turn? No one around to show you the way, what to do what not to do and so many other things? Well, try putting on your detective-explorer cap and start having fun. Fun because there are going to be so many times that you want to throw your hands up in desperation and go back to eating the offending food(s). So fun right now maybe a bad word but this will definitely be an adventure, on the way to finding the fun. You get to explore the world with new flours and try new recipes. Baking breads and cupcakes and of course even pizza in this new world that taste great! Or if you are allergic to black pepper you get to enjoy the tastes of different combinations of spices. Even if you are not allergic to black pepper there are so many spice combinations to try. Plus with the expense of allergy foods there is a section of fun things you can do with food like baking soda as a cleaner to baking soda added to your shampoo.

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Gift Ideas for the Allergy Person
The gift ideas for the allergy person below come from experience and as a multiple allergy sufferer the things that I have learned. The gifts range in prices from the thoughts of a stand mixer to a magazine subscription. Your allergy person will have probably told you or hinted at what they need to make their life easier and here are just a few thoughts of mine….

Gift ideas:

1. The perfect Friday night pizza – give the AP the basics for pizza, the flours and the pizza pan and don’t forget the pizza cutter.

2. Bakeware – from loaf pans to cake pans and even muffin tins. Remember when you make your choice to give cookware that has some density to it. It needs to distribute heat evenly.

3. A stand-mixer that I got has a house-warming gift has saved me tons of time… just a thought.

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